Sustainability  in the group

Sustainability  in the group

Sustainability in the ROCKWOOL GROUP

The ROCKWOOL Group has launched a new Sustainability Report highlighting its approach to sustainability and demonstrating how sustainability sits at the heart of ROCKWOOL’s growth.
The report also shows how ROCKWOOL Group products deliver against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on the themes of climate change and energy efficiency; the circular economy; health and wellbeing; and water management.

Within these themes, six ambitious sustainability goals have been set:
1) Health, safety and wellbeing: Driving a zero accident culture
• 10% reduction in LTI frequency rate per year
• 0 fatalities per year

2) Circular economy: Increase the number of countries where we offer reclaiming of products from the market
• 15 Countries by 2022
• 30 Countries by 2030

3) CO2 emissions and energy: Reduce CO2 from factories (tCO2/t wool)
• 10% by 2022
• 20% by 2030

4) Water management: Reduce water consumption in factories (m3/t wool)
• 10% by 2022
• 20% by 2030

5) Reduce landfill waste
• 40% by 2022
• 85% by 2030

6) Energy efficiency: Improve own building stock (kWh/m2)
• 35% savings by 2022
• 75% savings by 2030

The ROCKWOOL Group has adopted the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard for reporting our corporate sustainability performance, which is considered the gold standard for sustainability reporting.

Our Group annual sustainability report i'Rising to the challenge' is available to download here.

Our Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for the Financial Year 2017 is available to download here.

Annual Report

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