Why choose rockwool stone wool insulation

A leading manufacturer in stone wool insulation materials

ROCKWOOL the world’s second largest insulation producer, manufacturing and supplying a full range of sustainable insulation systems and solutions for the entire building envelope. ROCKWOOL insulation solutions protect people from the cold, the heat, the risk of fire and ambient noise – whether it is from outdoors or adjacent rooms. ROCKWOOL products are in demand across the world, we operate factories in three continents (Europe, North America and Asia) and have a global network of sales offices, distributors and partners.

ROCKWOOL insulation materials are made from stone wool and have excellent thermal properties from tiny pockets of air trapped within the physical structure of the stone wool. Products are non-combustible and are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1000°C. Although very high temperatures are needed to produce it, ROCKWOOL insulation is quick to repay the energy used in the manufacturing process. It takes just five months after installation to generate a positive energy balance. During its lifetime, ROCKWOOL insulation will save more than 100 times the energy used in its manufacture.

Products consist of a blend of naturally occurring volcanic diabase rock. Water repellant additives ensure insulation resists water absorption making it long lasting and much more durable during unexpected exposure of water. Products are easy and safe to use and they deliver strong performance on every parameter that counts. Nothing could be more durable.
ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation shields buildings and their occupants, improving safety, comfort and building value. The World Health Organisation has left stone mineral wool off its list of potential carcinogens following long-term studies. After more than 60 years in use, ROCKWOOL insulation has proven to be the safe and most durable choice.

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