It’s not just heat that finds it tough to get through rock. ROCKWOOL stone wool products are amongst the most effective acoustic insulation solutions used in construction.

ROCKWOOL Stone Wool can be used in three different ways to help reduce sound transfer

  1. Light and mid-density products work to provide airborne sound absorption - these can dramatically improve acoustic performance by 'soaking up' sound. Sound energy causes mechanical movement of the fibres, and fluid friction as trapped air molecules move back and forth inside the small pores - these processes harmlessly dissipate sound energy as tiny amounts of heat.
  2. Heavier structural products can act as a resilient layer in floating floor constructions to absorb noise from footsteps and other impacts, by damping vibrations before they're transmitted through the rest of the structure - which would otherwise be re-radiated as noise into the space below.
  3. Our heaviest products can be used to add mass to a building element, improving sound insulation. The heavier a building element is, the more difficult it is for sound to pass through it. ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® Multi-Fix DD can provide excellent sound performance against both airborne noise and rain noise, and is an ideal solution for high end projects with demanding acoustic requirements such as schools and cinema complexes. Ablative Coated Batt is a high density slab that in addition to its fire performance, will also reinstate acoustic performance where voids have been created in partitions to allow for the passage of building services.

The natural sound barrier

It’s the open, porous structure of stone wool that makes it highly efficient in protecting against noise pollution. In ceilings, noise screens, around noisy machines, in walls, roofs and floors and even underneath rail tracks, ROCKWOOL insulation acts as a natural and effective sound barrier. ROCKWOOL insulation is the number one acoustic solution when soundproofing buildings.

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Approved document E 2003

Sound insulation performance set out for residential accommodation, including hotels, student halls of residence, residential  homes and schools.

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