Current vacancies

Current vacancies

Current vacancies

ROCKWOOL actively seeks the best talent in the industry and we are committed to developing the skills and maximising the potential of all of our people.

Recruiting the best people is something the whole business is passionate about. That’s why we have designed our recruitment and selection process to be as fair and productive as possible. 

We have sites in Pencoed, Central London and Dublin as well as field-based teams across the UK and Ireland.

By submitting your CV to ROCKWOOL you agree for your details to be shared with all relevant employees who are part of the recruitment process

How we recruit

Recruiting the best people is something the whole business is passionate about.

That’s why we have designed our recruitment and selection process to be as fair and productive as possible. We want every candidate to have the opportunity to present themselves in the best light – and give ourselves the chance to see what you can bring to our business.

  1. If your application has been shortlisted, you will be invited to an initial interview. In this meeting, we’ll assess your experience against the job criteria and give you the chance to talk about your particular skills and strengths.

  2. To give you every opportunity to demonstrate your abilities, we may ask you to take part in a practical exercise such as a group discussion or a psychometric assessment.

  3. For most roles, a second interview is required before the final selection is made.

  4. If you are selected we will contact you however, if you are not successful, we are happy to provide feedback to assist you with your job search. 

Equal opportunities

Equality in the workplace is an important part of how we operate. Whatever your age, gender, disability status, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or family circumstances we make it our business to ensure you’re treated with fairness and respect.

We are committed to offering fair pay irrespective of gender. Read our full gender pay gap report here.

Any questions?

We understand that the interview is not just about us assessing your fit with our business; you also need to decide whether a career at ROCKWOOL is right for you. Please feel free to ask questions about the role, training and development, the work environment and our culture. You may also get the chance to meet some of the people you would be working with too.

Employee Benefits

We reward every one of our employees fairly for their contribution. In addition to salary, all staff members receive our standard benefits package which includes the following:

  • Holiday entitlement
    We provide 30 days paid holiday each year in addition to public holidays.

  • Generous pension
    We contribute 5% of each employee’s pensionable earnings to a stakeholder pension account (provided the individual also contributes 5%). 

  • Childcare vouchers
    We operate a childcare voucher scheme to help working parents save money on their childcare costs. This is non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance. 

  • Health care assistance
    Every employee can claim back charges (to a given level) for optical and dental care, diagnostic appointments, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathy.

  • Employee helpline
    We provide a free, confidential 24 hour helpline for employees. Professional advisors offer telephone support and information on how to deal with legal, tax, medical, lifestyle and travel issues.

Application tips

Each job specification describes the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out a position successfully. Please ensure that your application clearly explains what relevant skills and experience you have to offer.

  • The best applications are usually structured to match the job specification
  • Provide examples of how you have demonstrated the skills we require or achieved good results in similar areas
  • Include any relevant skills or experience you have gained outside of employment
  • Provide details of any training you have undertaken
  • Think about how your application will compare to others and try to ensure your strengths really stand out
  • Be clear, concise and to the point
Follow these tips to write a good application Follow these tips to write a good application

What our employees say

“I enjoy the fact that I am still learning new things. In fact, everyone who has ever given me training has been more than willing to share their skills and experience. It still amazes me to think of the process we use to produce stone wool from rocks!”

Leanne Lewis, Fabrication

“Working at ROCKWOOL, you are given the freedom to make your own decisions, and are fully supported in everything you do. You are given every opportunity to progress and take your career to the next level. My ROCKWOOL journey so far has definitely stretched me.”

Coral Morgan, Technical Solutions Manager

“I’ve worked at ROCKWOOL for four years, however I was a customer for fifteen years before that, in all that time I have always held ROCKWOOL in high esteem, particularly their responsible and defined purpose to create a better planet.  I feel this purpose makes me a better person and inspires me to achieve and leave a lasting impression.  Every day out in the market I feel truly honoured to be the ROCKWOOL Sales Director and am determined that we are perceived as a respectable, decent and trustworthy partner whilst achieving my sales and pricing goals, and hopefully creating the opportunity to progress my career.”

Ed Peltor, Commercial Director

“ROCKWOOL is exceptional in that it is such a friendly company and people are always willing to help each other. I also like that fact that we are part of an international group.”

Neil Maund, Supply Chain master Planner

“I had heard that ROCKWOOL is a professional company and I have really found that to be true“

Hayley Evans, Technical Consultant

“Serving an Apprenticeship at Rockwool, you are given a great education and opportunity to work with a very wide range of equipment and technologies. This puts you in a great position for the future with a good knowledge base. Support is on hand should you need it and you make good friends along the way! I thoroughly enjoyed the process.”

James Davies, Electrical Technician (former apprentice)