Introducing the new ROCKWOOL® Trade Range

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The ROCKWOOL® trade range

The ROCKWOOL® trade range of insulation materials includes everything required to thermally insulate roofs, external walls, separating walls, internal partitioning and floors – and protect against noise and fire.

The ROCKWOOL® trade range has been awarded a Quiet Mark Solution. Find out more

ROCKWOOL® Cavity Wall

ROCKWOOL® Cavity Wall insulation is a 100mm thick stone wool cavity wall insulation material with an area of 3.28m2 per pack. It is easy to install quickly and won’t leave any gaps.

This is a complete solution that doesn’t require additional cavity barriers. It’s completely water resistant and is BBA certified for all exposure zones within the UK and Ireland.


ROCKWOOL® Twin Roll is two products in one. It includes 200mm thick roll of stone wool loft insulation material that can be used as one layer or separated into two 100mm thick layers. 

  • 200mm thickness gives coverage of 3.30m2 per roll
  • 100mm thickness gives coverage of 6.6m2 per roll

A cost effective choice for high performance roof insulation with sound reduction and fire protection built in, ROCKWOOL® Twin Roll is quick and simple to install. It comes in easy to handle, pre-cut rolls that are designed to fit between the joists as an effective base layer (100mm) or overlaid on top of the joist as a top up layer (200mm).


ROCKWOOL® MULTIROCK® is the ultimate multi-use insulation product manufactured using unique flexible edge technology. Available in 50mm and 100mm thick flexible slabs measuring 1200mm by 600mm or 1200mm by 400mm (100mm thickness only).  ROCKWOOL® MULTIROCK® can be used for all of the following applications:

  • Roof insulation
  • Dormer external walls
  • Timber frame cavity walls
  • Timber frame separating walls
  • Timber or metal stud partitions
  • Timber floors
  • Suspended timber floors
  • Fire floors

Where to buy ROCKWOOL® trade insulation materials

The new ROCKWOOL®  DIY Trade Range, products for your home are now available at branches of Selco, Bradfords, Sydenhams Building Supplies, Robert Price Building Supplies, JA Stephens and Builder Depot.


Find out more about installing this range. Download the brochure here.