The ROCKWOOL® 4in1

ROCKWOOL® products deliver four benefits beyond thermal insulation.

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The builder’s choice

For builders looking for cost effective, easy to fit insulation products, ROCKWOOL® stone wool has many extra benefits, offering both you and your customer more than just thermal insulation. 

Easy to use

ROCKWOOL® Roll, Multi slab and cavity wall insulation products are designed to be simple to install, so you can get the job finished quickly and move on to something else. We’ve incorporated helpful features such as the flexible edge on our MULTIROCK® product that ensures a perfect fit every time (even if spaces are irregular).

Whether you’re insulating roof space, floors or walls – or working on a brick, block or timber frame construction – you’ll find just what you need from ROCKWOOL®.

Extra benefits

In addition to its thermal insulation properties, ROCKWOOL® also offers a non-combustible layer in the building which gives added protection in the event of a fire because it will not burn. Stone wool also acts as an effective sound barrier, reducing noise between rooms or floors, or from the outside environment.

Great value for money

The ROCKWOOL® trade range offers fast and effective insulation solutions for a variety of building projects. ROCKWOOL® thermal insulation is fire resistant, reduces sound, and lasts for the life of the building, ensuring your customer gets plenty for their money, and you tick all the boxes with just one product.

Popular with customers

Your customers will be pleased you chose ROCKWOOL® for lots of reasons.

  • The non-combustible material gives real peace of mind in the event of a fire
  • The products reduce sound levels - improving day to day quality of life
  • ROCKWOOL® is water resistant so (once dry) it will perform as before after a leak or flood
  • The durability of ROCKWOOL® means they’ll never have to worry about replacing it
  • ROCKWOOL® is made from natural materials and is environmentally friendly