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ROCKWOOL offer a range of products designed for the DIY Homeowner.

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The homeowner’s choice

For homeowners who expect more than just a thermal benefit when building a house with insulation, ROCKWOOL is the ideal solution. As well as excellent thermal insulation properties, ROCKWOOL products also deliver additional benefits – so you get more than just one benefit for your money.

Reduce your energy bills

Fit ROCKWOOL home insulation in your loft, or top up your existing loft insulation, and you will soon experience the benefits. Your home will remain warm and you will save money on home heating bills throughout the winter.

Reduce noise

One of the great additional benefits when building a house with ROCKWOOL house insulation is its sound reduction qualities. If you’re disturbed by noisy neighbours, traffic or aircraft noise, or sounds travelling from one room to another, ROCKWOOL products can give you control of your living environment and make a big difference to everyday life.

Easy to fit

Insulating your loft is easy with ROCKWOOL.  We offer rolled products as well as loose lay material for you to use in those hard to reach places. Our videos show you just how easy it is to fit ROCKWOOL home insulation.

Protect your home

As ROCKWOOLinsulation is made from rock, it cannot burn – which means you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your home has non-combustible insulation in the walls, floors and roof.

Lasts forever

If you choose ROCKWOOL you’ll never have to fit home insulation again.  Our products don’t lose their effectiveness over time, and once in place, they don’t slouch or drift either.