FIREPRO® SoftSeal Coated Strips

As Part of the comprehensive FIREPRO® range of fire protection products is ROCKWOOL FirePro® SoftSeal System which incorporates a product specifically designed to apply to penetration seals within buildings, where the design needs to accommodate movement in the services.

A FirePro® SoftSeal Coated Slab comprises a low density stonewool SoftSeal batt, pre-coated with SoftSeal Flexible Coating.


  • Acoustically absorbent
  • Suitable for penetration and linear joints
  • CE marked
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Both vertical and horizontal joint applications
  • Tested for durability to current EU guidelines
  • Supplied Pre-Coated
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FIREPRO®  SoftSeal Coated Strips
Watch the transformation from stone to ROCKWOOL insulation

Watch the transformation from stone to ROCKWOOL insulation

Discover the unique benefits of ROCKWOOL insulation

Technical Information

Property Description
Length 1200mm
Width 200mm
Thickness 100mm
Fire Resistance up to 2 hours
Coated Two sides
Density 80Kg/m3
Movement +/-15%
Standards EN1366-3 2009 EN13501-2 CE Marked


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