External Walls 

Product description

ROCKWOOL® Cladding Roll is a lightweight thermal and acoustic cladding insulation suitable for the external walls and roofs of metal framed buildings. It provides excellent insulation, fire protection and soundproofing performance and is available in a variety of thicknesses. The product consists of a lightweight, flexible mat, available with or without aluminium facing, and supplied as a compression wrapped roll. ROCKWOOL® Cladding Roll (Aluminium Faced) has a very high tensile strength that makes it particularly suitable for vertical industrial applications. Advantages

  • Non-combustible (Euroclass A1)
  • Excellent acoustic insulation
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Chemically inert
  • Water repellent
  • How to use this product

    ROCKWOOL® Cladding Roll achieves excellent thermal and acoustic performance and gives fire protection to framed industrial and commercial buildings. The aluminium faced Cladding Roll should be installed with the foil facing towards the inner liner.

    Performance & properties

    Thermal Properties

    The thermal conductivity of ROCKWOOL® Cladding Roll is 0.040W/mK. Refer to Datasheet and Part L Guide for more information including U-values.

    Acoustic Properties

    Tests have shown that with suitably designed constructions excellent sound reduction can be achieved by using ROCKWOOL® Cladding Roll. A 0.4mm thick lining sheet and 0.55mm outer sheet filled with 80mm Cladding Roll achieved an average Rw 37dB. This can be increased to an average Rw 38dB by including an air space between the insulation and the outer sheets. Note: Rw will alter with the profile and construction.

    Fire Properties

    Insulated Fire Wall incorporating ROCKWOOL® Cladding Roll has been fire tested and shown to comply with BS 476: Part 22 as a fire rated wall one metre or more from a relevant boundary. The over sheeting rail system achieved 4 hours integrity, 4 hours stability and 17 minutes insulation (Warres No. 42624 + WF153726). Alternative Fire Wall designs have been tested by cladding systems manufacturers using different sheeting, fixing and spacer systems. These manufacturers should be contacted for full specification and design. Contact MCRMA for manufacturer’s details: www.mcrma.co.uk

    Green Guide Rating

    ROCKWOOL® Cladding Roll corresponds to the BRE Global Green Guide online generic specification ‘Stone wool insulation - density 33 kg/m³ ’ (ref. 815320007) which achieves a summary rating of ‘A+’ within all building types.

    Water Repellency

    All ROCKWOOL® stone wool insulation repels liquid water due to its fibre orientation and the presence of water repellent additives.

    Third Party Approvals

    ROCKWOOL® Cladding Roll holds the following third party approvals: LPCB 022e (Loss Prevention Cerfitication Board) KM 06661 (KiteMark) LUL (London Underground Limited) KeyMark CE

    Ozone Depleting Potential

    Relying on entrapped air for its thermal properties, we are proud to say that ROCKWOOL® Cladding Roll does not contain (and has never contained) gases that have an ozone depleting potential (ODP).

    Global Warming Potential

    Relying on entrapped air for its thermal properties, we are proud to say that ROCKWOOL® Cladding Roll does not contain (and has never contained) gases that have a global warming potential (GWP). Therefore, they have a zero GWP for the purposes of rating schemes such as the Code for Sustainable Homes.