Rainscreen Systems

Ventilated facades help create a comfortable climate within a building all year round. Installation is also quick and easy as well as the maintenance. The unique characteristic of a ventilated façade is that heated air rises in the ventilation cavity drawing cool air from below and venting hot air at the top. This natural airflow removes moisture away from the inner wall and moderates temperature.

Products for Rainscreen Systems

ROCKPANEL Façade Boards
ROCKPANEL Façade Boards

ROCKPANEL Façade Boards

The ROCKPANEL group is part of ROCKWOOL. The company manufactures board material for exterior cladding from the sustainable resource, basalt rock.

Ventilated Facades are used to protect buildings against combined effects of wind and rain. It also has combined benefits of high level aesthetics as well as sound proofing and advantages of heat insulation.

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