Commercial solutions

ROCKWOOL® is the perfect choice for all kinds of commercial and public buildings from schools, shops and offices to concert halls and hospitals.  Suitable for refurbished or new buildings (internal and external), ROCKWOOL® has a full range of high performing and cost-effective insulation products that will last for the life of the building.

The ROCKWOOL® 4-in-1

ROCKWOOL® provides class-leading fire protection and acoustic advantages (especially in light-weight framed buildings).  As well as offering effective thermal performance, all of our products are sustainable and durable.


Specialist ranges

Our extensive range of insulation and acoustic products are perfect for schools, healthcare buildings and anywhere where warmth, noise reduction and safety are important. Our dedicated FIREPRO® range enables buildings to comfortably meet fire protection standards. And our ROCKFON® and SOUNDPRO® products make perfect sense for areas where noise needs to be contained.


Creative design solutions

ROCKWOOL® external façade products provide thermal performance and fire protection in one, and are available in a variety of attractive finishes to make an architectural impact. Choose brick effects or renders in a range of colourfast shades that will continue to look good, even in the most demanding conditions.



Find the ROCKWOOL® products most suited to your commercial building project.