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Building Insulation

Core Range UK

Welcome to the ROCKWOOL® Core Range: 6 products for all major applications.

ROCKWOOL FLEXI® Application Guide

ROCKWOOL FLEXI® Insulation Application Guide: The perfect fit for any framed construction.

Soundproofing Renovation Guide

ROCKWOOL® insulation allows you to design the right sound solution for any environment.

Safer Buildings

Have you ever seen rock burn? The importance of fire safety in the building envelope.


Our unique ROCKPRIME® insulation system is made from stone wool and is one of the most sustainable insulation products available for homeowners.


The ROCKWOOL ENERGYSAVER® cavity wall insulation system is made from stone wool and is one of the most energy efficient insulation products available for homeowners.

Timber Frame Guide

A comprehensive guide to using ROCKWOOL® products in timber frame applications

XPR Internal Partition System

A guide for using the XPR Internal Partition Systems.

Thermal & Sound Range Overview

Regulation Guides

Part L 2013

This document provides a quick and easy reference guide of typical constructions and U-values using ROCKWOOL insulation products. The solutions offered will assist the end user to meet or exceed the building fabric performance levels required by the Part L 2013 documents (England).

Part L Pipes and Ducts

The insulation of pipes and ducts is essential to minimise heat losses for heated systems and heat gains for cooled systems. For cooled systems, it is also important to ensure that the risk of condensation is adequately controlled. Guidance on controlling condensation is also provided in this Part L ROCKWOOL guide.

Part L 2010 - Summary

A brief summary and application advice for using ROCKWOOL® products to meet the Part L 2010 Regulations.

Part L 2010 - Introduction

An introduction document to the Part L 2010 Legislation and the impact on using ROCKWOOL® products.

Part L 2010 - Pipes and Ducts

Information about the effect of Part L 2010 in Pipe and Duct applications.

Part L 2010 - U-values

A comprehensive guide to using ROCKWOOL® products to achieve required U-values as per Part L 2010.

Rain noise ready reckoners

Rain noise ready reakoner for Schools (BB93).


Sound solutions to meet Approved Document E (2003 Edition) using our range of ROCKWOOL® Solutions and Products.

Sound Solutions for Built up flat roofs

A guide to using the combined acoustic benefits of ROCKWOOL® 4 in 1 insulation & ROCKFON® ceilings in flat roofing applications.

Sound reduction ready reckoner

Metal deck weighted sound reduction index.


Summary of the New ROCKWOOL® Trade Range Products

Facade Systems Brochures

Refurbishment and Regeneration Solutions

Our new services make it easier for Social Housing Landlords to pursue ambitious refurbishment plans that address challenges faced by residents.

Mitigating Fire Risk When Retrofitting Tower Blocks

Technical briefing: Mitigating fire risk when retrofitting tower blocks.


BRICKSHIELD® is an insulated, external wall cladding system with a real brick finish.

BRICKSHIELD® Standard Colour Range

A colour chart for the BRICKSHIELD® range.

BRICKSHIELD® Premier Colour Range

A colour chart for the BRICKSHIELD® Premier range.

BRICKSHIELD® Premier Red Collection

A colour chart for the BRICKSHIELD® Premier Red range.


BrickShield® is a new, insulated, external wall cladding system with a real brick finish.

EWI introductory guide for residents

A ROCKWOOL® external wall insulation system has been installed on your home. Now sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Colour Chart A4 Leaflet 26452

Additional Colour Range for 2013.

Facade Guide A4 Brochure 26463

Facade Systems Guide. Designing on another level.

Facade Systems Installation Manual A4 26463

This installation manual is a comprehensive guide to using ROCKWOOL® Facade systems; our complete external wall insulation solution.

Fire Stopping and Fire Protection


The comprehensive FIREPRO® Range.

FIREPRO® Duct Work

Details of the FIREPRO® Range for Duct Work.

ROCKWOOL BEAMCLAD® Systems Contractors Fixing Guide

A guide for Contractors to use BEAMCLAD®.

FIREPRO® Summary

Summary of the new ROCKWOOL® FIREPRO® Range.

Firestopping Technical Manual

Working to create effective firestopping solutions

HVAC Literature

Industrial, H & V Insulation, calculated thickness

Our guide to using ROCKWOOL insulation to comply with BS 5422:2009. The required Insulation thicknesses are given for a range of applications and pipe sizes.

HVAC Specification Guide

Enhanced Capital Allowances

NHS CO2 model engineering specification

Sector Guides

Education Guide

Healthcare Guide


Homeowner Guide

This simple guide is designed to help you discover whether you already have adequate insulation, as well as learn how to install it if you need to.

ROCKSHELL® brochures

ROCKSHELL® Building and Construction

The RockShell wall system is an innovative, low energy solution for the construction of load bearing walls in low-rise buildings.

ROCKSHELL® Design and Project Planning

Desinging and Planning Guide for the ROCKSHELL® wall system.


Environment and Sustainability

EDC Brochure

The Energy Design Centre offers consultation on building design.


The ROCKWOOL® recycling plant is a state of the art facility based at our Bridgend factory, enabling contractors and builders to recycle ROCKWOOL® insulation and reduce their requirement for landfill.

Flat Roofing Solutions

ROCKWOOL® Flat Roofing Solutions

CASE STUDY: Peacehaven Water Treatment Plant

CASE STUDY: Sports Arena London

Sound Solutions for built up flat roofing brochure

Metal Deck Acoustic Performance

Metal deck acoustic performance

Sound solutions for built-up metal roofing

HARDROCK Multi-Fix Tapered