Certificate library

Find approvals and certificates for ROCKWOOL products, including Health and Safety, MSDS, BBA and more.



CE Marks

Certificate of constancy of performance: No 0086-CPR-461281

Certificate of constancy of performance: No. 0086 – CPD – 473342

Certificate of constancy of performance: 0751-CPD.2-014.0-10

Certificate of constancy of performance: 0751-CPD.2-014.0-11

Certificate of constancy of performance: 0086-CPD-592216

BBA Certificates

Cavity Wall Batt BBA

Cavity Wall Insulation BBA

Partial Fill Slab BBA

BrickShield® EWI system

BBA Certificate: 13-4997

ROCKWOOL Energysaver® Cavity wall insulation

BBA Certificate: 89-2316

Rockprime® blown loft insulation

BA Certificate: 10-4796


Thermal Insulation Cavity Batt

REDArt® External Wall Insulation System

Partial fill cavity slab

BBA Certificate: 93-2884

Cavity wall batt

BBA Certificate: 94-3079

Acoustic Test Certificates

Coated batt and intumescent sealant acoustic test

BB93 Certificate

Air Seal Test Certificates

Coated batt and intumescent sealant air test

Responsible Sourcing Certificates

Environmental Management System Northstone - ISO 14001:2004

Environmental Management System ROCKWOOL - ISO 14001:2004

LPCB Certificates

LPCB 022/h

LPCB 022/a

LPCB 022/b SP Fire Stop Slab®

LPCB 022/b Linear and Trapazodial Fire Stops

LPCB 022/b TCB Cavity Barrier

LPCB 022/b Acoustic Intumescent Sealant

LPCB 022/b Ablative Coated Batt

LPCB 022/c Fire Barriers and Fire Barrier Slabs

LPCB 022/d Beamclad®

LPCB 022/e Non Combustible Materials

LPCB 022/f Fire Duct Systems



KeyMark Certificate

Quality Management

ISO 9001:2008


KiteMark KM33106 Loft Granulate

Kitemark Licence KM 06661 Rolls and Slabs

FM Approval

FM approval Flat roof


LABC Registered Company RD369A ROCKWOOL REDArt Silicone

LABC REDArt® Brickeffect

LABC Registered System RD370 ROCKWOOL REDArt® Dash S

LABC Registered System RD371 ROCKWOOL REDArt® Dash P

LABC Registered Company RD369 ROCKWOOL EcoRock®


MSDS Ablative Liquid 5 Litre

MSDS Acoustic Intumescent Sealant

MSDS Board Adhesive

MSDS Brick Effect Adhesive

MSDS Brick Effect Base Coat and Top Coat

MSDS Cast-In-Device

MSDS Conlit Bandage

MSDS Dashshield Receiver


MSDS REDArt® Base Coat Plus

Adhesive for fixing mineral wool boards and mesh embedding.

MSDS Fire Resistant Silicone Sealant

MSDS Firestop Compound

MSDS Firestop High Expansion Intumescent Sealant

MSDS Firestop Pipe Collars

MSDS Insulated Fire Sleeve

MSDS Insulation board adhesive

Adhesive for fixing mineral wool boards.

MSDS Intumescent Expansion Joint Seal

MSDS Intumescent Pillows

MSDS Intumescent Pipe Wraps

MSDS Intumescent Putty Pads

MSDS LUL Intumescent Sealant

MSDS Multi Cable Firestop

MSDS Natural Aggregates and Cobbles


MSDS Silicone Paint

Intended for decorative and protective painting of facades.

MSDS Silicone Primer

Priming plaster coat to be applied under mineral and silicone renders.

MSDS Silicone Top Coat

Thin-layer silicone render coating.

MSDS Acoustic Membrane

MSDS Jaeger



EWI Sealing tape