Download ROCKWOOL Literature

Download ROCKWOOL Literature


Facade System (3)

RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB® is a dual density slab which has been specifically developed for insulation behind rainscreen cladding systems and also for sealed cladding systems such as curtain wall and other over cladding systems.

Fire Protection (30)
Acoustic Intumescent Sealant Datasheet

Acoustic Intumescent Sealant is available in 310ml cartridges, 600ml foil sausage packs or 5 litre tubs.

ROCKWOOL® Cast-in-Device Datasheet

ROCKWOOL® Cast-In Device is designed for use in fire stopping plastic pipe penetrations in poured concrete floor applications.

Fire Duct Systems Datasheet

Single layer fire protection for rectangular, circular & oval ducts

FIREPRO® SoftSeal brochure

ROCKWOOL SoftSeal is apart of the fire protection range.

LUL Intumescent Sealant Datasheet

ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® LUL Intumescent Sealant is recommended for use in low movement joints up to 30mm wide in underground applications.

Ablative coating Datasheet

ROCKWOOL Ablative Coating is used to further improve the fire resistant properties of ROCKWOOL stone wool slabs.


ROCKWOOL BEAMCLAD® systems boast a complete ‘tool-box’ of options, offering contractors simple and economical fire protection solutions to the very real diversity of modern steel constructions.

Fire Tube Datasheet

Fire Tube is a rigid, pre-formed cylindrical section of ROCKWOOL specially engineered to provide cellulosic fire protection to circular section structural steel, and to process, sprinkler and service pipes.

Fire Barrier Systems Datasheet

Vertically hung Fire Barriers are capable of achieving both integrity and insulation protection periods from 15 to 120 minutes, and the friction fitted Fire Barrier Slab can also provide 60 minutes integrity and insulation.

Fire Resistant Silicone Sealant Datasheet

ROCKWOOL Fire Resistant Silicone Sealant is a one part alkoxy cure silicone with excellent unprimed adhesion to most building surfaces.

Firestop Compound Datasheet

As part of the comprehensive FIREPRO® range of fire protection products, ROCKWOOL Firestop Compound is used to provide a fire resisting seal around service penetrations in fire rated walls and floors.

Firestop Pipe Collars Datasheet

ROCKWOOL Firestop Pipe Collars provide a simple and effective method of firestopping plastic pipework where it passes through fire resistant walls and floors in a retrofit situation.

Intumescent Pillow Datasheet

Temporary firestop solution for large voids in walls & floors.

Intumescent Pipe Wraps Datasheet

Firestop solution for plastic pipe penetrations.

Intumescent Expansion Joint Seal Datasheet

Firestop solution for linear joints in walls & floors.

Multi-Cable Firestop Datasheet

Firestop solution for multi-cable penetrations.

SP Firestop Systems Datasheet

The purpose-made solution for cavity fire stopping.

TCB PWCB Cavity Barrier Datasheet

Fire protection for timber frame & masonry cavity walls.

Firestop High Expansion Intumescent Sealant

Firepro® High Expansion Intumescent Sealant is an easy to apply waterborne acrylic emulsion sealant containing graphite.

Insulated Fire Sleeves Datasheet

Firestopping for insulated pipe penetrations

50mm Ablative Coated Batt Datasheet

50mm Ablative Coated Batt Datasheet. ROCKWOOL Ablative Coated Batt is intended to act as an air seal barrier to reinstate fire resistance and acoustic performances.

Ablative Coated Batt 60mm Datasheet

Firestopping solution for large voids in walls and floors

FIREPRO® Glue Datasheet

Fire resistant adhesive for FIREPRO® fire protection systems

Linear and Trapezoidal Firestop Systems Datasheets

Firestopping solutions at compartment junctions

Flat Roofs (5)
Acoustic Infill Datasheet

High performance sound absorption for perforated metal decks.

HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Angle Fillet Datasheet

The Hardrock® Multi-Fix Angle Fillet has been designed to fully support the waterproof membrane at 90° abutments, providing a smooth transition between the horizontal and vertical interface.

Cladding Roll Datasheet

Cladding Roll has been specifically developed for use in lightweight cladding applications to commercial or industrial framed buildings

ROCKWOOL® Tapered Datasheet

The ROCKWOOL® Tapered Roofing range is engineered to meet the demand for tapered solutions for existing and new flat roof constructions.

Floors (5)

ROCKWOOL FLEXI® is a unique, flexi-edged insulation product, specifically developed using patented technology for a

ROCKFLOOR® Datasheet

Unique thermal and acoustic insulation for ground and separating floors


ROCKWOOL ProRox slabs are high quality resin bonded slabs that can be used for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation.

Roll, Twin Roll, RollBatt Datasheet

ROCKWOOL Roll and Rollbatt provide effective, medium density thermal loft insulation.

Soffit Slab Datasheet

Thermal, fire and acoustic insulation for concrete soffits.

HVAC (7)
Ductslab and Ductwrap Datasheet

For the thermal insulation of ductwork and water storage tanks.

Fire Duct Systems Datasheet

Single layer fire protection for rectangular, circular & oval ducts

Insulated Fire Sleeves Datasheet

Firestopping for insulated pipe penetrations

Lamella Mat Datasheet

ROCKWOOL Lamella Mat is formed from strips of ROCKWOOL stone wool bonded on edge to a flexible outer facing.

Techwrap2 and Techtube Datasheet

ROCKWOOL Techwrap2 and Techtube form part of a range of high performance ROCKWOOL acoustic insulation products.

Pitched Roofs (2)
ROCKFALL® Datasheet

ROCKFALL® is an effective warm pitched-roof insulation system for rafter level applications.

ROCKPRIME® Datasheet

ROCKPRIME® is an energy- and cost-efficient blown loft granulate that is mechanically installed

Walls (4)
Cavity Datasheet

Rockwool® Cavity full fill insulation is reliable, non-combustible and contains water repellent additives that prevent water from passing through to the inner leaf.

HP Partial Fill Cavity Slab Datasheet

HP Partial Fill Cavity Slab insulation has a robust outer surface, designed to withstand on-site rigours and maintain a clearly defined cavity.


ROCKWOOL cavity closer systems have been developed to minimise thermal bridging at door and window reveals in cavity wall constructions.

Declaration of performance
Declaration of performance

Here you can look up declarations of performance (DOPs) for ROCKWOOL products based upon the unique DOP number. You can find the unique DOP number on the label printed on the product packaging.
Here you can look up declarations of performance (DOPs) for ROCKWOOL products based upon the unique DOP number. You can find the unique DOP number on the label printed on the product packaging.
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