From simple DIY projects to large industrial spaces and grand architectural designs, ROCKWOOL is the right choice wherever you require high-performing building insulation. Our extensive range includes rolls, compression-resistant roofing boards, bonded panels and a large selection of specialist materials.

Our special ingredient

ROCKWOOL insulation products are made from stone wool – a blend of naturally occurring volcanic diabase rock. It’s the special ingredient that ensures ROCKWOOL insulation protects against unwanted noise, fire, and provides unrivalled durability at no cost to the environment. It’s a 4-in-1 solution.

Superior fire resistance

Put simply, rock won’t burn. That’s why our stone wool products have naturally occurring fire resistant qualities that cannot be matched and improve the fire resistance of the construction.

Excellent acoustics

ROCKWOOL’s unique properties can help to reduce the effect of noise.

Unrivalled durability

Nothing lasts like solid rock. ROCKWOOL won’t shrink, won’t move and won’t crumble. It is so durable it will maintain its performance for the lifetime of the building.

Sustainable materials

Made from a renewable and plentiful natural resource, ROCKWOOL® insulation saves fuel costs and energy in use. And it’s 97% recyclable, too.

ROCKWOOL® is the economical and practical insulation choice to:

  • Reduce waste
  • Achieve thermal and acoustic benefits in one
  • Maximise performance of the building