ROCKWOOL UK hosts technical BR135 event

27 June 2016

On Thursday 9th June, ROCKWOOL Limited presented an industry focused BR135 technical event covering the routes to compliance in high rise buildings over 18m and fire safe solutions for the Rainscreen market. Taking place on the 19th floor of UBM building in central London, ROCKWOOL Limited was joined by approximately 50 architects and contractors to discuss the various routes of safety in high rise buildings, before joining together for an informal networking session.

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Technical Guidance

The first talk of the day was presented by Coral Morgan, Technical Training Manager at ROCKWOOL Limited. Coral presented a new RIBA Accredited CPD, entitled “Fire safety compliance: Rainscreen Cladding Systems”. The session highlighted the design flexibility and practical benefits Rainscreen Cladding Systems can offer both new build and refurbishment projects. The CPD also explained how to comply with fire safety performance within Rainscreen Systems designed for buildings above 18 metres. After a short interlude, Paul Barrett, ‎ROCKWOOL Product Manager, presented a short and informative presentation on BR135 and compliance without compromise using ROCKWOOL solutions. ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation can tolerate temperatures of up to 1000C. As a European classification: A1 non-combustible product, ROCKWOOL products are designed to slow the spread of flames, providing vital fire protection and allowing all occupants to evacuate the building safely.

Attendees were also given a short demonstration on how to use the new online U-value calculator. After recently improving the accuracy of its calculations, certified under the BBA/TIMSA U-value competency scheme, the U-value calculator allows contractors and architects to gauge the correct thermal performance of walls, floors and roofs. The calculator specifies the exact thickness of insulation required as well as creating BIM objects for the desired construction.

The audience was shown a range of high performance product solutions that will support architects and contractors in delivering current building regulations. Paul explained one of the processes we complete when manufacturing RAINSCREEN DUO-SLAB®. Taking a large amount of insulation and using dual density technology, the primary fleece is compressed into the top 50mm of the product. This allows for a robust front face to the product, helping to prevent the overdriving of fixings, provide high resistance to wind and rain and eliminating the cause for any protection.

ROCKWOOL case studies were also used to help demonstrate different scenarios ROCKWOOL products have been used for its fire preventing properties in high-rise buildings.


Contractor networking

After both presentations ROCKWOOL Limited invited attendees to participate in a Q&A session before the Technical BR135 event transformed into an informal networking event.

The U-value calculator will enable my clients to put forward ROCKWOOL at an early stage rather than getting to the end of the process and not putting ROCKWOOL Limited forward. I think it’s a great tool.

Nicki Brodie

The most important thing I will to take from today is the ability of ROCKWOOL to revaluate their mathematical calculations for the thickness of their materials they need to achieve insulation requirements.

Kevin Amerigo

I was really happy that ROCKWOOL gave me the opportunity to have a 1:1 chat with the representatives of the company and to raise issues that I’ve seen myself in the design process. I think that’s the best way to have two-way communication

Anthi Valavani

ECD Architects