ROCKWOOL: CE Marking in the event of a “no-deal” Brexit

05 March 2019

Following the latest guidance from the UK Government and the EU, ROCKWOOL has confirmed that all its CE-marked products can continue to be sold legally in the UK and throughout the EU, following the UK’s planned exit from the EU.

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If there is a “no-deal” Brexit, from 29 March onwards (the date the UK proposes to exit the EU), all existing European harmonised standards will become UK designated standards. This ensures that goods legitimately carrying the CE mark and placed on the UK market before 29th March can continue to circulate in the UK. Additionally, goods which are manufactured and assessed against EU harmonised standards and legitimately carry CE marking can be placed on the UK market.  


ROCKWOOL has also been working with its certification partners to make sure that all its notified bodies have taken the necessary steps to become EU-recognised bodies. As a result, all ROCKWOOL products will retain the current CE marking and can continue to be sold legally both within the UK and throughout the EU. 


Under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), CE marking is mandatory for all construction products covered by a Harmonised European Standard under EU law and UK law. This approach standardises the essential characteristics of insulation, such as, reaction to fire and thermal conductivity to allow accurate product comparisons to take place. It also requires that each product must have a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and be affixed with a CE marking when it is placed on the market.    


The Ministries for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MCHLG) published its guidance on the Construction Products Regulation on 24th January 2019 in the event of a “no deal” EU exit scenario. This guidance builds on the technical notice published in September 2018 and the draft legislation published in December 2018. Further details are available from