ROCKWOOL supports DIY SOS with Surfability project in Caswell Bay

23 October 2020
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Surfability UK is the UK’s first fully-inclusive surf school, set up by Ben Clifford in 2013. Ben was determined to break down conceptions that disabled people are unable to surf and is now a world leader in new teaching methods and safety techniques.

Surfability UK supports more than 500 people from across the UK and thanks to Ben and his team of Toby, Benedict and Nathan, disabled people now have the opportunity to take to the waves. BBC Children in Need has funded Surfability UK since 2015.

The DIY SOS team has big plans, to firstly renovate Surfability’s current space - a run down, disused bus shelter, which is often flooded, with no electricity, running water or ventilation, into a dry, well designed wet suit and surf board storage unit. In addition, the team will also build a new innovative and of architectural merit, Surf Centre, that will provide a much needed space to provide support and surfing opportunities to disabled people from across the UK.

As a community initiative not far from our factory in Bridgend, ROCKWOOL and Rockpanel are proud to have donated a series of products that will help to deliver a first-class facility that is safe and sound.

The programme will air on Thursday 12th November 2020 on BBC One – tune in to see how our stone wool products helped make the build a success.