Recycling at ROCKWOOL

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ROCKWOOL stone wool products can be recycled

Waste material, refurbishment and demolition waste, along with off-cuts - all of these can be transformed into new ROCKWOOL insulation. In fact, 75 % of our own stone wool waste is recycled, a figure we are aiming to make even higher in the future. 

ROCKWOOL International has invested to make sure recycling is a key part of our business. The dedicated recycling facility at our Bridgend plant allows contractors and builders to recycle their unused ROCKWOOL insulation, and reduce dependence on landfill.

ROCKWOOL Recycling Programme

Not only do we minimise the amount of our own waste going to landfill, we also support and encourage our customers to do the same.

We accept returned recyclate (recycled material used to make new products) at our recycling plant in Bridgend, South Wales. We currently charge £80 per tonne and will issue a printed weighbridge ticket to confirm the weight of recyclate returned.

We are happy to recycle ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation that is free from contamination. If any load of recyclate is contaminated with other materials or substances, we reserve the right to reject the complete load and return it (at your cost). We can recycle facings that have been applied by ROCKWOOL.This includes aluminum foil, glass tissue, glass scrim and steel wire netting.

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How to recycle your ROCKWOOL

Recyclate sent to us can be packaged in the following ways:

  • In clear, sealed plastic bags (max 2000mm x 2000mm) weighing no more than 20kg
  • On a pallet secured with shrink wrap
  • In a skip (we don’t take responsibility for unloading)
  • For compressed baling and other methods please contact us


* Recyclate should be transported by a carrier with a Waste Management Licence and any transport costs paid by you.


If you have ROCKWOOL insulation waste that you do not want to send to landfill, contact us to discuss your requirements and to make a booking.

ROCKWOOL is committed to WRAP 'Halving waste to landfill' initiative.

We not only minimise the amount of our own waste going to landfill, we also support our customers’ efforts to divert construction waste to landfill. Find out more about our recycling process by downloading our recycling brochure.