Sustainable material

ROCKWOOL products are created from volcanic rock – a natural material in abundant supply, which is both durable and recyclable

Sustainable material

Our stone wool is made from diabase rock, which is continually replenished naturally from within the earth – volcanoes and plate tectonics produce 38,000 times more stone material every year than is used to make ROCKWOOL products. In addition, ROCKWOOL insulation has a long and sustainable lifespan – it has been found to perform to the same high standard for decades.



Waste material from refurbishment and demolition, along with off-cuts, can be transformed into new ROCKWOOL products. In fact, 100% of our production waste is recycled and ROCKWOOL products themselves are 97% recyclable.

ROCKWOOL has invested to make sure recycling is a key part of our business. The dedicated recycling facility at our Bridgend plant allows contractors and builders to recycle their unused ROCKWOOL insulation, and reduce dependence on landfill. We accept used ROCKWOOL products, including those with facings applied by ROCKWOOL such as aluminium foil, glass tissue, glass scrim and steel wire netting, for recycling.


Green Compass recycling accreditation

Additionally, ROCKWOOL Ltd is an accredited member of the Green Compass Scheme. The scheme, which is delivered by Construction Excellence Wales and funded by the Welsh Government, aims to ensure that at least 90% of the waste generated by the construction and demolition sectors in Wales will be re-used or recycled.

ROCKWOOL Ltd actively supports this target by accepting waste ROCKWOOL products back onto our Bridgend site. All material returned to site is guaranteed to be used to make new products; none of it is sent to landfill.