The ROCKWOOL Trademark

Our Trademark

The ROCKWOOL trademark was initially registered in Denmark as a logo mark back in 1936. In 1937, it was accompanied with a word mark registration; a registration which is now extended to more than 60 countries around the world.

The ROCKWOOL trademark is one of the largest assets in the ROCKWOOL Group, and thus well protected and defended by us throughout the world.

Please help us protect our trademark by following the below rules:

  • The ROCKWOOL® trademark must always be written in capital letters
  • The word ROCKWOOL must always be followed by a descriptive noun (Example: ROCKWOOL products, ROCKWOOL insulation or ROCKWOOL stone wool)
  • Always write the ROCKWOOL trademark completely (Never abbreviate, change or modify it)
  • The ROCKWOOL word is not the generic term for insulation or stone wool, and may not be used as such (Use instead e.g. the term ROCKWOOL insulation)
  • The first time you mention the ROCKWOOL trademark, it must include the registration symbol ® (Company names are however without registration symbol)

ROCKWOOL®, Rockfon®, Rockpanel®, Grodan® and Lapinus® and/or names of other products referenced herein are either trade names or registered trademarks of ROCKWOOL International A/S and/or its affiliates and cannot be used without their prior written consent.

Permission to use ROCKWOOL brand assets

If you require permission to use the ROCKWOOL logo for your business, advertising or promotion, you must apply for a Trade Mark Usage Agreement. To apply, please write to:


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