HVAC Acoustics

Comfortable and quiet

The role of HVAC systems in building environments is to create interior spaces which are comfortable for occupants – whether that is in a residential or commercial setting. The mechanical nature of these systems naturally generates high levels of noise which pose a risk of causing disturbance – essentially at odds with what HVAC is designed to deliver. 

The noise generated by HVAC systems can be controlled by wrapping pipes and ducts in insulation. Treating the HVAC pipes and ducts in this way will minimise sound transmission and noise emission, protecting the building occupants from nuisance noise and helping to maintain a comfortable environment. 

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation for HVAC systems is available in a range of sizes for pipes as well as round and rectangular ducts – with the additional acoustic benefit of a flexible edge which bends into corners and fixing locations without the material thickness being reduced. 


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