The unrivalled benefits of RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB®

RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB® does not burn.


It’s not just occupants that sleep better at night, safe in the knowledge that their building isn’t covered in combustible materials – designers and specifiers can take peace of mind in knowing that by choosing a non-combustible solution they’ve taken an uncompromised approach to public safety.

The European Reaction to Fire Classification (Euroclass) system is the common standard for assessing the qualities of building materials in the event of fire. RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB® is CE-marked to achieve a Euroclass rating of A1 – the highest rating available, meaning ‘no contribution to fire growth’.

In addition to being non-combustible, ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation can provide resistance to fire and also has a high resistance to heat – in fact it can withstand temperatures of over 1000°C without melting.

With new 3D-modelled rainscreen thermal data allowing for greatly reduced wall thicknesses, and acoustic test data assuring an extra layer of comfort, why choose combustible over non-combustible?