High Rise Hope Revisited

The social implications of upgrading the energy efficiency of large estates

Edward Woods Estate

In 2012 the London School for Economics and ROCKWOOL published High Rise Hope, a path-breaking investigation into the social impact of whole building energy efficiency refurbishments in residential tower blocks.

Following this research, LSE Housing and Communities went back to the Edward Woods estate in Shepherd’s Bush, in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, to re-interview residents once the upgrading work was complete. High Rise Hope Revisited highlights lessons learned and the potential social and community impact from transforming a 1960s local authority housing estate into a landmark retrofitted high rise model of social housing. The project provides many invaluable lessons for large-scale energy efficiency schemes showing how energy saving can help take millions of people out of fuel poverty, if accompanied by support and advice to help tenants cut energy use.



  • Addressing issues of fuel poverty and energy efficient improvements to the existing housing stock
  • Improving quality of life and conditions in individual homes and wider estates and neighbourhoods
  • Making people feel proud of the aesthetic improvements to their area and general upgrade – people feel their area compares well with others


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