Ready to renovate? Don’t forget to insulate.

23 May 2019

When planning the perfect abode, don’t forget the hidden components of your grand design - starting with the insulation.

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Making the decision to renovate is exciting. It’s your chance to refresh and upgrade existing living spaces to create a dream home environment. But when planning the perfect abode, don’t forget the hidden components of your grand design - starting with the insulation.

Contrary to popular belief, insulation is not simply something used to prevent heat transfer in the loft or cavity walls. Your choice of insulation is key to the comfort of your home and a big contributor to your quality of life. 


The right insulation 

Obviously, your builder can advise on what types of insulation they might recommend, but it pays dividends to understand the benefits of common types of insulation and how they will contribute to achieving your vision. You can then make an informed choice when it comes to agreeing the specification and having confidence that it will deliver an environment that looks good and feels great. 

Stone wool is one of the longest serving and widely used types of home insulation. Made from one of nature’s most abundant resources – volcanic rock – stone wool is enriched with outstanding fire, acoustic and thermal properties, as well as a lifelong durability. 


The Strengths of Stone Wool

It’s quiet 

If peace and tranquillity are at the top of your renovation agenda, then stone wool will help to create your dream home thanks to its superior soundproofing performance.  


It’s as warm as it is cool 

Stone wool insulation is excellent at regulating thermal temperature, allowing you to live in comfort. 


It’s energy efficient

Renovate with stone wool and reduce your energy usage by 50 – 70%.  


It’s natural

Made from sustainable sources, you can have your dream home and protect the environment. 


It’s safe

Stone wool is non-combustible, which means it can withstand temperatures above 1000°c - In simple terms, it won’t burn.


ROCKWOOL has been producing this unique insulation for 40 years, providing sustainable solutions that deliver comfort, safety and peace of mind to home owners. So, if you’re embarking on a renovation project, choose an insulation that not only meets the need, but exceeds expectations. 

To find out how we can help you create the perfect home environment, please visit the dedicated homeowner advice section of our website.