Insulation uncovered – realising the value of stone wool

23 May 2019

There’s more to insulation than meets the eye.

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Often thought of as a commodity product, insulation offers more value than you think – especially in the context of domestic projects. 

Simply, if your customer is more concerned about the colour of paint on the wall, rather than what’s below, then you’ve just spotted an opportunity to add some real value to their renovation. 

Insulation is not there to just keep heat in and the cold out, it can make the difference between a renovation project that generates referrals or one that leads to call backs, and choosing the right product is essential

So, how can you use insulation to add value for your customer and yourself?

For starters, not all insulation is the same. It might be installed in similar applications, but the benefits vary greatly across common types, with the highest performing insulation on the market being stone wool.  And while your customers might push you towards using lower end materials, here’s why stone wool really is the only insulation choice for delivering quality renovation projects. 


Stone wool - Standing the test of time

There’s insulation, and there’s ROCKWOOL insulation. The difference?  ROCKWOOL is made from stone. 

Stone wool insulation is made from one of nature’s most abundant resources – volcanic rock. This enriches the insulation with outstanding fire, acoustic and thermal properties, as well as a lifelong durability; a combination of benefits that adds real value to your work.

Our products are easy to use, quick to install and perform efficiently for decades without the need for maintenance or adjustment. So, you save time and money fitting them and are less likely to have to go back to remedy problems later.


Made of Stone – The Benefits of Stone Wool

1) Easy to work with

2) Effective for decades

3) Regulates temperature and cuts energy bills

4) Reduces unwanted noise

5) Best-in-class protection from fire

6) A premium material that enables you to make higher margins


ROCKWOOL has been producing this unique insulation for 40 years, providing comfort and safety to home owners, while supporting builders with solutions that deliver real satisfaction. 

To find out how we can help you, please contact us today.

Interested in the wider benefits of stone wool for renovation projects? Here’s some more builders advice on using ROCKWOOL insulation materials to raise quality and performance standards.