RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB can resolve inner city noise

Noise pollution is a major problem for thousands of people living in UK towns and cities. It can be an infuriating nuisance to hear constant traffic noise or be woken up by loud music. When there is nothing but a thin wall between you and the outside world, it is very difficult to enjoy - what should be - your quiet time at home.

The Crofts - Completed project images - RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB and ROCKPANEL installed

Noise can negatively impact health

Noise is a growing problem, particularly in flats and maisonettes where there are several people living in the building. In the UK alone, cities account for 54% of the population and 60% of jobs, despite only taking up 8% of the land. While noise is often seen simply as a nuisance compared to more documented health risks such as pollution, the implications for our health, productivity and educational attainment, as well as a city’s attractiveness, are real.

London enjoys a reputation as the world’s number one preferred relocation destination for professionals and the globe’s most popular city for those considering working abroad. However, research published in January 2017 also revealed that constant noise is one of the main reasons given by Londoners for moving out of the city, with 41% citing it as a reason for leaving.


So, what’s the solution?

Modern methods of construction like ventilated rainscreen systems are becoming increasingly popular for use within multi-unit residential blocks, offices, hotels and multi-use developments. In particular, ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation provides characteristics that are super-efficient at reducing noise, such as the higher density wool structure which absorbs sound waves as they pass through.

Finding acoustic test data for rainscreen cladding systems isn’t easy, and a lack of data often leads to over engineered systems which incorporate additional mass layers. Adding these additional layers if often unnecessary, adds costs, installation and build time to a project. ROCKWOOL Rainscreen systems provide peace of mind when meeting acoustic specifications, allowing specifiers to make better predictions of performance with greater confidence and accuracy.

For the best results, it is important that noise is effectively measured during the planning phase to ensure that the desired acoustic comfort is reached in the finished build - rectification can be very difficult and expensive. Specifiers can use the ROCKWOOL online acoustic calculator within the planning phase to ensure that the best product is used for their project.