ROCKWOOL Insulation Products

We offer products and solutions for all major application areas for residential and non-residential buildings

Cavity Solutions

ROCKWOOL® Cavity wall insulation is a semi-rigid full-fill insulation solution for masonry cavity wall construction, suitable for use in new builds and extensions.

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Typical British Home - Masonry Cavity Wall Type

Cladding Solutions

The ROCKWOOL range of cladding insulation delivers excellent fire protection and soundproofing performance.

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Cambridge Street Project - RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB

Flat Roof Solutions

ROCKWOOL insulation for flat roof and built up metal roofs have been designed to meet the demands of modern roof systems, providing durable solutions which simplify design and lower costs.

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Flat Roof Refurbishment Application - Stopsley High School

Floor Solutions

ROCKWOOL insulation offers solutions for all types of floor, including ground floors, separating floors and intermediate floors.

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Roll Products

ROCKWOOL® roll products provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and are suitable for a wide range of applications including roof spaces in all types of buildings.

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Attic, bedroom, interior

Slab Range

The ROCKWOOL Slab Insulation ranges provide excellent thermal, acoustic and fire insulation (Euroclass A1) for the general building market, in multiple applications including floors, walls and roofs.

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Builder installing ROCKWOOL insulation - Timber frame construction

Fire Protection Range

Our fire proof insulation slows the spread of the flames. ROCKWOOL stone wool does not produce dangerous toxic smoke and also helps protect the building’s load-bearing structure, protecting lives and investment.

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Farringdon Train Station

HVAC Range

ROCKWOOL HVAC products can improve energy efficiency, fire safety and acoustic performance of a building

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Trade Insulation Range

A safer, warmer and quieter home with ROCKWOOL Trade Insulation Range

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Utility Wise project - Installer carrying ROCKWOOL insulation on shoulder

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