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Protecting strength.

Structural steel and cellular sections of a build require the most robust, durable fire resistant insulation to combat the wide variety of site, mixed trade and climatic conditions.The ROCKWOOL BEAMCLAD® System provides a complete ‘tool-box’ of fire protection options, catering for the diversity of modern steel construction.


The BEAMCLAD® systems have been created as a fire resistant insulation for steel builds. Offering contractors a simple and cost effective fire protection solution, the mineral wool insulation has been specially designed to suit steel construction, including structural and soffit protection.Benefitting from a wide variety of installation methods, ROCKWOOL BEAMCLAD® boards can be fitted to provide dry joint solutions offering up to 2 hours fire protection, featuring a unique dry clip fixing system, or glued solutions where extended protection up to 4 hours is required. The flexible scope of options ensures it is also easy to maintain.As well as providing essential fire resistance, the stone wool fibres of ROCKWOOL BEAMCLAD® boards are moisture repellent being randomly oriented to prevent any tendency to promote capillary action or hygroscopic moisture absorption. 



Non-combustible: Euroclass A1

LPCB Certificate

LUL Approved

  • Variety of fixing methods – the BEAMCLAD® System is  suitable for dry, glued joint, pin and noggin fixing.
  • Up to 4 hours fire protection – providing high resilience when used as a glued solution.
  • Durable - ROCKWOOL BEAMCLAD® is manufactured primarily from a melt of volcanic rock and limestone. The molten rock is spun into a wool and immediately impregnated with special resins for handling and shaping. The material is then compressed, cured and formed into boards. 
  • Quick and simple to apply – because the fix solutions are a dry process, no masked off areas are required which keeps site disruption to a minimum during installation.
  • A choice of three finishes - ROCKWOOL boards are available with facings of glass tissue and reinforced aluminium foil as well as a plain product.

Product Properties

Density 167 - 180Kg/m3
Reaction to fire Fire Resistance: up to 4 hours

Product range and ancillaries

Item number External item number Description Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Packs Per Pallet m² Per Pallet
122706 122706 25 1200 2000 45 108
122708 122708 30 1200 2000 40 96
122709 122709 35 1200 2000 32 76.8
122710 122710 40 1200 2000 30 72
122711 122711 50 1200 2000 24 57.6
122698 122698 Foil Faced 25 1200 2000 45 108
122699 122699 Foil Faced 30 1200 2000 40 96
122700 122700 Foil Faced 35 1200 2000 32 76.8
122701 122701 Foil Faced 40 1200 2000 30 72
254656 254656 Foil Faced 50 1200 2000 24 57.6

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BEAMCLAD Datasheet
BEAMCLAD Datasheet

BEAMCLAD Datasheet

Beamclad Contractors Fixing Guide
Beamclad Contractors Fixing Guide