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Ensuring the protection of circular section structural steel requires the highest quality fireproof insulation. This is because the critical failure temperature of a pipe will depend on the material it is made of, or its contents such as water or oil. ROCKWOOL Fire Tube provides a range of simple to install, pre-formed cylindrical sections of fireproof insulation.


Proven in use for over 40 years, ROCKWOOL Fire Tube has been developed as a rigid product to protect circular section structural steel, as well other infrastructure such as process, sprinkler and service pipes, Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) and solid bars. Manufactured from mineral wool insulation, it offers cellulosic protection against many risks, with excellent thermal and acoustic qualities as well as important moisture resistance when weather protected for external use. Fire Tube is available to suit common metal structural column and pipe diameters in the range between 21 to 610mm and is available un-faced or with an optional aluminium foil facing. Recognised for its high-quality protection, Fire Tube is listed in the ASFP Yellow Book and endorsed by the Steel Construction Institute. The section factors a/V (Hp/a) for standard structural steel sections can be found in the aSFP Yellow Book or can be calculated for each element.



Non-combustible (A1 in accordance with EN13501)-1) / Verified and assessed by BRE Global (Fire report number: CC 276856A.)

LUL Approved

  • Simple to install - all ROCKWOOL to ROCKWOOL joints of the Fire Tube (including the partially split ‘hinge’ and the tube ends) must be filled with FIREPRO® Glue prior to application. 
  • Flexible range – offering a range of thicknesses to accommodate specific steelwork, pipe and content fail temperatures. 
  • Bespoke – each is individually manufactured to fit pipe and CHS sizes up to 610mm outside diameter. 
  • Proven reputation – successfully incorporated into builds for over 40 years.
  • Easy to handle – the Fire Tube product is light and easy to cut into shape using a saw or a sharp knife.

Product Properties

Compliance BS3958:4, ISO 14001
Reaction to fire Euroclass A1

Fire resistance: up to 4 hours 


Fire resistance: up to 4 hours 

Popular sizes and facings

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Thickness (mm)

Length (mm)

Outer diameter (mm)

Item number Type Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Outer diameter (mm)
256917 Foil Faced 30 1000 114
251605 Plain 50 1000 169
238417 Plain 60 1000 169
265364 Plain 25 1000 324
257386 Plain 40 1000 253
254807 Foil Faced 40 1000 42
251604 Plain 50 1000 114
139639 Foil Faced 40 1000 89
261715 Foil Faced 40 1000 76
254806 Foil Faced 40 1000 27

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Fire Tube

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