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Linear and Trapezoidal Firestop Systems

Closing the junction 

In construction, gaps at junctions of fire rated walls and floors can allow passage of flames and smoke, compromising existing firestopping. ROCKWOOL Linear and Trapezoidal Firestop system provides the perfect solution to making sure all compartment walls and floors are effectively fire protected. 


A range of strips and pre-shaped blocks of ROCKWOOL high density stone wool insulation for firestopping gaps at junctions of fire resistant walls and floors. ROCKWOOL has expertly developed Linear and Trapezoidal Firestop Systems to provide resistance at the junctions of compartment walls and floors, with a wide range of suitability. Part of the ROCKWOOL FIREPRO© range, this product provides solutions to a wide range of construction projects including masonry walls with a density of at least 400 kg/m³, as well as ensuring both fire integrity and insulation criteria for concrete decks, composite decks and simple profiled sheeting.



LPCB Approved

LUL Approved

  • Maximum protection - offering up to 4 hours of fire protection, Linear and Trapezoidal Firestop Systems create lasting protection against fire and smoke passage.
  • Available to purchase in small quantities - ROCKWOOL Linear and Trapezoidal Firestop System deliver great flexibility and cost effectiveness. 
  • Additional usage - ROCKWOOL offers this firestop system as a totally enclosed option to maximise fire protection.

Product Properties

Density 110Kg/m3
Reaction to fire Fire resistance up tp 4 hours

Popular product and sizes

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Thickness (mm)

Length (mm)

Item number Product Type Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
251449 Linear Firestop 2A 100 200 1000
235378 Linear Firestop 2A 50 100 1000
189716 Linear Firestop 2A 30 150 1000
235367 Linear Firestop 2A 50 150 1000
189691 Linear Firestop 2A 40 100 1000
253757 Trapezoidal Firestop 2B SMD TR60+ 1000
189777 Trapezoidal Firestop 2B Kingspan MD60 1000
245632 Trapezoidal Firestop 2B Tata D60 1000
238396 Trapezoidal Firestop 2B Tata CF60 1000
259870 Trapezoidal Firestop 2B Metfloor MF60 1000

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