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HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Angle Fillet

Smooth transitions.  

The area between horizontal and vertical interfaces can sometimes be the most challenging part of a flat roof to insulate and seal. HARDROCK® Multi-fix Angle Fillets have been specifically designed to create a smooth transition between such interfaces, for effective flat roof insulation and waterproofing. 


Manufactured from high density ROCKWOOL fire resistant insulation and a mineral coated glass fibre fleece, HARDROCK® Multi-fix Angle Fillets are non-combustible, heat resistant and designed to fully support bituminous waterproof membranes at 90° angles. 

The smooth transitions allow water to run off without holding in corners and potentially seeping into the building causing structural damage.

  • With excellent heat resistance, HARDROCK® Multi-fix Angle Fillets are ideal for application to bitumen systems.
  • By investing in HARDROCK® Multi-fix Angle Fillets for insulating and waterproofing flat roofs, the life of the waterproof membrane is prolonged.
  • Cost effective and easy to install with an efficient application process.
  • A single size solution compatible with all bituminous and GRP membrane systems makes it a reliable option during specification.
  • Secures a strong bond to the waterproof membrane, providing the perfect finish at 90° abutments.

Product Properties

Material Facing - Mineral Glass Fibre Fleece

Product range and ancillaries

Item number External item number Country Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Pieces Per Pack
209240 209240 UK 30 75 1200 75

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