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While thermal insulation is the primary driver of the insulation, reducing external sound transfer and improving fire protection are increasingly emerging as considerations for homeowners. As an all-round high specification option for thermal, acoustic and fire performance, ROCKWOOL Rollbatt is the ideal insulation solution for all building types. 


ROCKWOOL Rollbatt is made up of medium density mineral wool insulation. The thermal insulation boasts acoustic properties in addition to being fire performance rated A1 Euroclass non-combustible.

The insulation is manufactured to pre-cut widths of 400mm (x3) or 600mm (x2), in thicknesses of 100mm, 150mm and 170mm. Rollbatt is supplied on pallets and protected by waterproof covering.

ROCKWOOL Rollbatt considerably enhances thermal performance and sound reduction in, increasing energy efficiency and creating quieter spaces.


Rollbatt is used mainly in Ireland for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation.



Euroclass A1 non-combustibility

CE marked

  • ROCKWOOL Rollbatt is a multi-purpose product, suitable for numerous applications.
  • The mineral wool insulation provides excellent thermal performance enhancing the energy efficiency of any building type.
  • The acoustic properties of ROCKWOOL Rollbatt absorb sound, preventing noise travelling through roof spaces into internal spaces.
  • Rated A1 non-combustible the insulation roll acts as a fire barrier, increasing escape times and limiting damage to property.

Product Properties

Compliance BS EN 13162, ISO 14001
Reaction to fire Fire Properties Euroclass A1
Thermal conductivity 0.044 W/mK

Product range and ancillaries

Item number External item number Country Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Pieces Per Pack Packs Per Pallet m² Per Pallet
124625 124625 UK 100 400 4800 3 18 103.68
124626 124626 UK 100 600 4800 2 18 103.68
124627 124627 UK 150 400 3650 3 18 78.84
124628 124628 UK 150 600 3650 2 18 78.84

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