Thermal Insulation Cavity Batt
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Thermal Insulation Cavity Batt

The rose between two walls.  

ROCKWOOL Thermal Insulation Cavity Batt provides optimum fire resistance and insulation for residential extensions and renovations, protecting families and homes, as well as keeping energy bills to a minimum.


ROCKWOOL Thermal Insulation Cavity Batts are a semi-rigid full fill mineral wool insulation solution for application in masonry cavity wall constructions such as home extensions. This fire-resistant insulation is rated A1 non-combustible, for the best fire performance. Thermal Insulation Cavity Batts are also water repellent and vapour permeable, allowing the material to breathe without holding moisture, rotting or growing mould. 

The Thermal Insulation Cavity Batts are easy to handle and install, allowing for a close fit against brick and blockwork.  The ROCKWOOL cavity insulation is resistant against sagging or slumping over time, to deliver long term thermal performance. The Thermal Insulation Cavity Batt is a robust fire resistant and thermal insulation solution for cavities in masonry walls. 



BBA Certified for all exposure zones

CE marked

  • The ROCKWOOL Thermal Insulation Cavity Batt is BBA certified for all exposure zones – a symbol of quality and assurance. 
  • The mineral wool insulation acts as a cavity barrier reducing thermal transfer.
  • Water transmission is prevented from the outer to the inner leaf.
  • A Euroclass fire rating of A1 highlights the exceptional fire performance characteristics of Thermal Insulation Cavity Batt. 
  • Water repellent and vapour permeable, resisting rot and mould. 

Product Properties

Compliance BS EN 13162
Reaction to fire Fire Classification Eurcoclass A1 (BS EN 13501-1)
Thermal conductivity 0.037W/mK
Water repellent Repels water

Product range and ancillaries

Item number External item number Country Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Pieces Per Pack Packs Per Pallet m² Per Pack m² Per Pallet
180898 180898 UK 100 455 1200 6 20 3.28 65.52

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