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Urbanisation brings new challenges to the building sector

In land-scarce urban areas, more and more people are working and making their homes in high-rise buildings. These structures can be brilliant solutions to the challenge of safely housing a growing population. But if a fire strikes in a high rise, the consequences can be very serious. 

ROCKWOOL insulation is extremely resilient to fire. It works to contain fire and prevent its spread. At the same time, it does not contribute to the emission of significant quantities of toxic smoke. From apartment blocks to skyscrapers, from industrial facilities to busy schools, the natural qualities of stone are helping us build sustainable and safe cities, full of fire-resilient buildings.

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ROCKWOOL insulation can tolerate temperatures up to 1000 degrees celcius

Did you know?

Our solutions are produced using the same process that occurs at the heart of a volcano. That means our products remain stable – even at extremely high temperatures. This makes the stone fibres suitable for a suite of high temperature applications – from car brakes to fire protective coatings.

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